• Abbie Johnson


Updated: Apr 15

You’re reading this because you are wanting a Peloton and wondering if you should really fork out the money to buy one. Well yes. I think you should. I am going to tell you why I love my Peloton and DON’T REGRET A THING!

I got into cycling about 4 months ago. I started taking classes at my gym and just fell in love with the class. So then I started looking into Pelotons and began dreaming of having one. When I saw you can pay month to month, I stopped dreaming and bought one.

Purchasing a $2,000 bike kind of sounds stupid. But if you are invested in your health and think you’ll actually use it, it’s not a waste of money. If you’re worried about money, I must point out that Peloton offers monthly payments of $58/month which is fantastic that they are offering that.

The bike itself is amazing and has so many features. You have access to live classes, on demand classes, yoga/bodyweight classes, you can see your workout stats, you can see your friends workout stats, and also you have scenic rides which are pretty awesome. The bike is nice and sturdy, although it does have some shake to it when you’re out of the saddle. But I don’t see this being a major issue if the bike is on a completely hard surface. I on the other hand, have carpet.

The Peloton does connect to wifi, therefore if your wifi connection is crappy, this probably isn’t your best bet. Or just invest in some better internet:) In addition, the screen is massive, you will have no problem seeing it. It’s also very responsive and accurate to touch which I find super easy to use.

When it comes to accessories, you will need cycling shoes to make your life easier. The bike itself doesn’t come with shoes, but you can buy bundles that will cost you a bit more. I got the Peloton cycle shoes which are $125. I have a referral code that will get you $100 off any accessories when buying a Peloton

(QCF5DD), if you are interested in purchasing! Another thing is, you can attach your headphones to the bike, but I think the volume on it is loud enough and it produces some nice sound.

Overall, I use Peloton bike EVERYDAY. If you are thinking of getting one, especially now due to coronavirus, I say go for it. I mean for $58/month, its hard to beat. That’s a gym membership essentially. Be sure to head over to my Instagram for all sorts of Peloton tips and content @savvywithabbie!




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